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This site contains documentation about using LiveResults to publish live results from orienteering events and other events

Uploading Live Results from SportSoftware (OE/OS)

This guide explains how to upload live results when using SportSoftware products for event administration (

Live results are commonly used at major events where elite classes have several radio controls. But it may also be interesting to publish the final times for smaller events, without having any radio controls


Preparation in OE2010

First, define classes and courses as usual.

Competition without Radio Controls, where only the end times are displayed:

Competition with radio controls:

OE Image1

At the competition day

OE Image2

In OE2010

OE Image3

Then press the Start button to begin export of end times. A dialog box will open where the export file specified.

OE Image4

Choose to save the report at the place and in the format selected in LiveResults.Client

It is possible in LiveResults.Client to set the extension to look for in the export directory, make sure this is set to the same extension as you are exporting files as.

Online results will be published on